Analysing and communicating

data, ideas and designs

Geographic Information Systems


We have expertise in all the major GIS software suites, as well as open source GIS. Our expertise in this field can be readily applied to subject areas such as flood mapping, catchment planning, urban land use queries, ecological mapping and transport and distribution.


Our capabilities

advanced mapping products

digital terrain modelling

spatial analysis



We can combine our expertise in GIS and CAD with capabilities in 3d modelling to produce photorealistic visualisations of designs and concepts. Examples might include full 3d renders of proposed landscapes and flood alleviation work to engage decision makers and local communities in the design process, or animations to illustrate how spatially varied data has changed, or may change, over time.


Our services

3d ground and building models

vegetation populated landscape models

time-series animations (2d and 3d)

photorealistic simulation

Visualisation can be an extremely powerful means of influencing decision making. Our expertise in GIS and 3d visualisation can help you understand and map data, identify relationships and convey these ideas through advanced visualisation techniques.


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