Specialist skills to support capital projects, regeneration and regulation




We can offer specialist training in areas including:


  • Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH)
  • Auditing SUDS
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Project Appriasal

Independent review of drainage schemes and support during high workload


We have many years experience reviewing SUDS schemes, ranging from small sites to sustainable urban extensions, including the review of particularly complex hydraulic models (1d and 2d). Our ethos towards SUDS fits with LLFA and Environment Agency objectives for sustainable surface water management.


Review of Flood Risk Assessments


Complex FRAs which include hydraulic models require specialist skills and software which are not always available in-house. We can offer a call-off service to provide expert review, identifying technical issues which must be addressed and offering independent opinion on the viability of development proposals. We use a clear, concise traffic-light system to pick out the key issues. Our support runs right through the process, from pre-application enquiries to planning appeals.


Waterfront Regeneration


We can help with the development of masterplans for riverside redevelopment, ensuring flood risk issues are addressed alongside the identification of other environmental constraints. Many towns and cities have turned their backs on rivers and failed to utilise this valuable environmental and recreational resource. With appropriate design, a waterfront location can add significant value to regeneration sites.

Expert Witness and Arbitration


Our expert witness services are provided by Jonathan Vann, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Chartered Geographer. Jonathan has attended numerous planning hearings and public inquiries, advising on matters such as flood risk, watercourse maintenance and sustainable drainage.


Advice for Capital Schemes


Our experience gained with the Environment Agency includes the development of partnership funding programmes, economic appraisal (cost-benefit analysis), Project Appraisal Reports and submission to the Project Assurance Board (now NPAS) and LPRG (Large Project Review Group).


FWMA Flood Investigations


Identifying the causes of a flood incident can be complex, involving a consideration of the relative frequency of the event (return period), any deficiencies in the system which contributed to the flooding, or the possibility of irregular problems such as blockages. We can offer hydrological analysis to assess antecedent conditions and rainfall severity, hydraulic modelling to assess the performance of the drainage network (piped and open channel), qualitative survey to gather local information, and offer guidance on how such incidents may be avoided. This could can be a pre-cursor to a business case for capital scheme development.


Strategic Flood Risk Assessments and climate change studies


We can prepare Strategic Flood Risk Assessments in accordance with the requirements of the NPPF to support the local plan process. This may include updating flood maps and hydraulic models, analysis of key development sites, sequential testing of proposed allocations and development of policies to support sustainable development in areas of flood risk. In addition, we can incorporate the recent DEFRA/ EA climate change guidance to SFRAs, drawing upon our skills in flood hydrology and mathematical modelling.


Changes in legislation have placed new flood risk management duties upon local authorities. When additional resource or specialist input is required, we can help in many ways. A few of these are outlined below.


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