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River Restoration and Rehabilitation


River restoration is the process of returning a watercourse to its natural state, whether for the benefit of biodiversity, flood risk management, recreation or improving the landscape.

Our understanding of river systems- catchment hydrology, hydrodynamics, morphological development- enables us to provide advice on sustainable and realistic options to improve the morphological diversity and ecology of watercourses. Our knowledge of flood risk management, both capital works and maintenance procedures, means that we can advise on the impacts of river rehabilitation work and try to find a balance which is acceptable in the wider context of river management.

Our services

Water Framework Directive

We are always interested to hear about projects which improve the health and vitality of  river systems, improve biodiversity or enhance the landscape. Our services includes hydromorphological appraisal, river rehabilitation studies, channel and wetland design and Water Framework Directive assessments.

Scoping studies to identify problems and potential improvements

Geomorphological analysis and channel design

Hydraulic modelling to assess potential flood risk impacts

Analysis of in-channel hydrodynamics

Habitat quality appraisal

Guidance on options for flow improvements such as woody debris

Identification of improved maintenance regimes


The general objective of the Water Framework Directive is to achieve ‘good status’ for all surface waters. This includes both ecological status and chemical status. The Water Framework Directive has prompted major improvements in the quality of our rivers and beaches.

New proposals affecting watercourses must not lead to a deterioration of its status or prevent future improvements. We offer expertise in a number of areas to help achieve WFD compliance.

Our expertise


Water Framework Directive (WFD) assessments to support applications for works affecting watercourses


Guidance and analysis of catchment-based approaches to reducing flood risk and improving water quality


GIS mapping and analysis of environmental pressures and opportunities


Support for flood risk management schemes to ensure that WFD benefits are maximised

source: europa.net


Green Infrastructure

Water plays an important role in the landscape. For example, wetlands in urban spaces can provide visual interest, opportunities for wildlife and flood storage as part of a SUDS system. Rivers and streams should add value to a landscape, but many have been concreted and hidden away from public view.

We give guidance to landowners, developers, parish councils and local authorities on how to maximise the value of green infrastructure. We draw on experience gained from projects such as the Leicester Flood Risk Management Scheme, Lubbesthorpe Brook Flood Alleviation Scheme, and numerous river enhancement projects.

Green infrastructure services

Pond and wetland design

Enhancement of urban river frontages and open spaces

Guidance on river bank protection

Planting advice

Amenity improvements

Rehabilitation of streams, rivers, ponds and wetlands.



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